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Title Publication Date
The Folly of Something-for-Nothing Diplomacy in the Middle East The American Spectator July 16, 2021
Why Biden Must Leave the Iran Nuclear Deal in History's Dustbin JNS April 4, 2021
The End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict September 6, 2020
A Conversation with an Iranian Colleague January 8, 2020
No, Israel Doesn't Owe Trump for the Embassy The National Post September 12, 2018
No, It Wasn't Bolton Who Screwed up the North Korea Summit The National Post May 29, 2018
In Countering Netanyahu, JCPOA Proponents Regurgitate the Same One-Liner May 7, 2018
Putin Has Lost His Handle on Assad The Daily Caller April 13, 2018
Russia's Brutally Mediocre Military Performance in Syria The Daily Caller April 1, 2018
On Israel and the Theory of Everything March 28, 2018
How I Spawned an Alt-Left Conspiracy Theory The Daily Caller January 18, 2018
The Plame Truth about Antisemitism in America The Jewish Exponent November 1, 2017
The Accidental Zionist The Jerusalem Post September 5, 2017
The Unrepentant: Hillary, Libya, and History The American Spectator November 17, 2016
Beware Antisemitism's Third Rail The Jerusalem Post October 24, 2016
Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitic Bedfellows The National Interest September 13, 2016
Trump the Fainthearted The Daily Caller May 2, 2016
Lebanizing Syria The Hill April 30, 2016
Republicans: Put Syria Back on the Table The Hill February 17, 2016
Does the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Still Matter? The National Post January 11, 2016
No, Mr. Trump, Americans Aren't Intolerant The Albany Times-Union December 30, 2015
Turkey's Human Wave Assault on the West The Hill December 7, 2015
Beware the Obama Administration's No-Alternatives Racket on Iran The National Post September 12, 2015
Obama's Legacy and the Iran Nuclear Agreement The National Post August 18, 2015
Nuclear Creepout: Iran's Third Path to the Bomb The National Interest July 22, 2015
Beware the Hyde-and-Jekyll Defense of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Foreign Policy Research Institute July 2015
Seven Problems with John Kerry's Iranian Nuclear Clock Foreign Policy Research Institute February 2015
Sadly, There's Nothing the U.S. Can Do to Save Iraq The National Post June 27, 2014
A Limited Disclosure Nuclear Agreement with Iran: Promise or Peril? Foreign Policy Research Institute June 2014
Don't Blame the People for Iranian Intransigence The Jerusalem Post May 20, 2014
A Sweet Deal for the Mullahs The National Post May 13, 2014
What's worse than an Iranian bomb? An Iranian almost-bomb National Post January 8, 2014
Partitioning Syria Foreign Policy Research Institute October 2013
Beware Syrians Bearing Gifts Foreign Policy Research Institute September 2013
Arms for Peace in Syria? Foreign Policy Research Institute August 16, 2013
Waiting for Captain America National Post July 26, 2013
Syria is Iran's Stalingrad Foreign Policy Research Institute June 2013
Getting rid of Bashar Assad won't end Syria's civil war National Post May 7, 2013
Syrian Druze: Toward Defiant Neutrality Foreign Policy Research Institute March 2013
The Folly of Arming Syria's Rebels The National Interest January 14, 2013
Don't blame America for Syrian strife National Post January 14, 2013
Israel's Arab Spring National Post November 15, 2012
For Israel, every crowd has a silver lining The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2012
Intervention Won't Save Syria The National Interest September 27, 2012
Assad Knows What He's Doing The National Interest August 23, 2011
The Hard Man of Damascus Foreign Policy July 6, 2011
Assad protected by cult of incompetence The Washington Times April 27, 2011
Assad's Survival Strategy Foreign Policy April 6, 2011
What is at stake in Egypt's referendum The Jurist March 19, 2011
Dreaming of Damascus The National Interest February 8, 2011
One Body. Many Suspects The National Post November 24, 2006
Why Did Kanaan Die? The National Post October 17, 2005
Syria after Lebanon: Hooked on Lebanon Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
Disarming Hizbullah The Jerusalem Post July 27, 2005
The Cedar Revolution's Slow Death The National Post July 26, 2005
Life after Lebanon The National Post May 2, 2005
Syria and Hezbollah: a loveless alliance The National Post March 4, 2005
An Act of Desperation The National Post February 16, 2005
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: A Biographical Sketch Terrorism Monitor December 16, 2004
Fatherly advice from the late Hafez Assad The Jerusalem Post June 18, 2004
Signal to Syria: Straighten Up New York Post May 13, 2003
Syrian Occupation, American Appeasement The Jerusalem Post June 14, 2002
Is Syria Losing Control of Lebanon? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2001

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Lebanon's Second Republic: Prospects for the Twenty-first Century Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Bring Down the Walls: Lebanon's Post-War Challenge
by Carole H. Dagher
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2001

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